1. Bonobo - Recurring // Ashtar Command

2. Clams Casino I'm God // PureBecoming.com #14

3. Clams Casino - Brainwashed by London // Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Shohmyoh

4. AVP Prod. M1n3fields // Juan Enriquez - Human Species

5. Hard White 1.2 // Various - Impending Revolution

6. SpaceGhostPurrp - Pretty Flacko // Various - Machine Morality

7. Massive Attack - Teardrop // Terence McKenna Timewave Zero // A Message from Bashar

8. The Weeknd - The Zone // Denean - Angels Calling (Angels-Light.org Mix) // Eckhart Tolle

9. Sigur Ros - Untitled #3 // Unknown - Let the Music Take Your Mind

believe in your dreams and desires and know that there is absolutely no limitation for any of them explore your cosmic nature be your cosmic nature love is the ultimate power in which to draw everything to you let the universe be a mirror for your infinite potential love yourself for everything you are express your cosmic nature through consciousness, with words, intention, love and action and as you practice this more and more, you will draw more of the things you love to you give thanks for everything you have received in the past give thanks for everything you are receiving now in the present questions, what do I want? and who am I? new desires take its place, desires for harmony, a purpose in life what we need are guidelines that can help us through the day to day complexities, purpose of life, and inner harmony self realization, new information, everything is possible, in the realm of limitlessness questions, what do I want? and who am I? be your cosmic nature, and simply follow your breath until the rhythm of the universe becomes the music of your soul shine with your cosmic nature, and you will find the power more immense than millions of suns awaken to your cosmic nature, it is your natural state of being

I am vessel, I have been an infinite number of people or having consciousness like birds that sing to one another a constant animatronic orchestra actualizing our dreams is my imagination mine? new robot creatures, and anything in our imagination getting fuzed and folded inside out touch, floating, dance , blood, body art, water fish, salt, smoke, telepathy, freedom to play with an always wet ocean of lust for experimentation with sound or objects bringing up kids as supernatural mana apes, pure and free from culture and history intelligent ape form, this time around, their music dance science and spirit will take them into space history is dead in my me I have we, I am the present moment, with thousands of years in my blood

get ready for a new human species a short tour of our new species the ability to engineer life is going to spark a revolution that will dwarf the industrial and digital revolution our new found ability to write the code of life will profoundly change the world as we know it humanity is moving beyond the constraints of darwinian evolution the result , may be in entirely new species the new human species is one that beings to engineer the evolution of viruses, plants, animals, and itself by taking direct and deliberate control over our evolution, darwins rules get significantly bent and sometimes even broken 8 percent of data transmitted today is in a language almost no one spoke thirty years ago, we're in a similar period now but this revolution will be more widespread because this is software that writes its own hardware people think this technology will just change pharma or biotech its going to change everything, it will change countries, who's rich and who's poor its going to create new ethics what does it take to make a new species we're beginning to see its an accumulation of small changes

how is this impending revolution going to change the world all of us are symbionts, we have one thousand times more microbial cells in our bodies than human cells questions, what do I want, and who am I software that writes its own hardware pharma or biotech eventually we get to the point where evolution is guided by what we're engineering its going to create new ethics its going to change everything

when they first think about machine morality in autonomous machines robots and computers when we will need machines capable of making ethical decisions you might say the project I'm engaged in questions how we might actually implement moral decision making in autonomous machines robots and computers that does sounds like me thats pretty much who I remember myself as being what kind of strategies we might actually implement to bring moral decision making and asamoahs stories more or less illustrate at least in an anecdotal fashion how even just the simple rule based morality can be quite problematic

let us consider the concept of the beginningless cycle of existence

an event of cosmic significance and importance is going to occur not far in the future are we causing it, no, can we stop it, no, can we hurry it, no, its built into the structure of matter itself the laws of physics are involved to permit greater freedom concrescence is the end of the process of becoming becoming is not true being true being exists at the concrescence matter and organizational processes are about to make some kind of a leap to a new order of being and I believe as historical process intensify its reasonable to believe we are ever closer to the eschaton processes are now in play which so totally rewrite the script that the future is exploding in an isentropic unfoldment into a kind of cultural superspace novelty increases as we approach the present moment the universe you and I are living in is a far more novel and complicated place than the early universe was well some people would say thats just a consequence of the unfolding of developmental processes but this asks the questions what are developmental processes why should the universe have a preference for order over disorder?

your world is preparing to experience a level of unconditional love in the near future, unprecedented on your planet even in ancient times with other civilizations that were far more connected, far more in remembrance of their connection to spirit never before on earth have you gone through the darkness to the light in this way and the remembrance shall be profound, by having taken that path and the love, once regenerated, shall never be lost again and in one-thousand of your years, you will no longer incarnate at all as humans on your world but will as we've said leave it for others to use for their own journeys but you will guide them, you will aide them, you will be their spirits, you will be their entities you will be the ones to whom they turn for guidance ride the leading edge, the crest of the wave of transformation of your collective consciousness ride the wave of yourself into the future you prefer, by being in the now

the entire destiny of all life on the planet is tied up in this we happen to be the point species on a transformation that will effect every living organism on this planet at its conclusion we must give reverence and credence to nature and natures methods because no other methods will allow ourselves to work ourselves of the present mess we're in we are a part of a morphogenetic intent and an unfolding reality that is larger than human understanding what history is, is the twenty five thousand year transition zone before you enter the zone, you're an animal after you leave the zone, you're a god but for twenty five thousand years, you're kind of an animal, and kind of a god we can put up with about anything and its a good thing because we're going to be tested to the limits ever closer to the eschaton if my ideas seem strange to someone, I ask them: can you imagine this planet in 500 years?

yes welcome to the present moment, here, now the only moment there is, ever so a transformation of consciousness, a transformation of consciousness is possible and a transformation of consciousness is already happening to many many people around the world at this moment how do I know this? I know this because you are here listening, watching, sensing the power of presence, within yourself not, not in me, I'm just an image on the screen you could say a mirror reflecting back to you, who you are so if you can sense a certain shift inside you at this moment a sensing of an increased sense of aliveness, of alert stillness then, a transformation of human consciousness is already beginning to happen here , and now it is happening in the only place where it can happen is in yourself there's a certain urgency behind what we're doing here because we're at a critical time in the history of humanity we've lived in a particular state of consciousness for thousands of years

the very nature of consciousness is clear and aware it arises in the aspect of the object it apprehends this attribute of awareness is not something newly created by other factors now the question is, how that awareness can grow and expand to a limitlessness scope

let it ease your mind let it free your mind let it expand your mind stop feeling down you won't always be around don't think about the stress and strife think about moving your life, yeah unwind your mind don't look back to what you left behind don't look back don't look back to what you left behind stop feeling down enjoy yourself stop feeling down stop feeling down free your mind stop feeling down oh baby ease your mind you must try ease your mind let the rhythm sooth your soul let the music take control ease your mind free your mind expand your mind ease your mind free your mind expand your mind yeah